My Eclecticollection

This site is a collection of many of my interests and hobbies, many of which are in various stages of planning or completion. The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of eclectic is “composed of elements drawn from various sources“. Throughout my life, I have found many interesting hobbies such as amateur radio, electronics, computers, stained glass, etc. Dabbling in each of these has allowed me to gain some experience with the craft by researching and doing. As such, I have a few projects that are in various stages of completion, such as a stained glass Tiffany style lamp and a radio direction finding unit. Because I have many interests, the ability to combine some aspects of each into a project.

One problem with indoor hobbies is  workspace and storage space limitations. I am constantly surrounded by boxes and bins of electronic parts, tools, and supplies. Most of the time, I spend time searching for items when I will run across some parts needed for another project that I could not find earlier. I am solving this issue by increasing my hobby and craft storage space by building a garage that has a dedicated workshop and a space for dedicated storage. My garage is currently under construction and soon will house all the material stacked up in the cabin. It will provide enough space for large woodworking projects, support my other hobbies, provide a dedicated area to store my tools, and most importantly provide a place to park and protect my cars. The cabin’s existing single car garage will be converted to create suitable work spaces for my stained glass and electronics projects.

Please look around and download any items that may interest you. I hope you enjoy the materials presented here that interest you.