New Project to Support Ham Radio

While Covid-19 has kept a lot of us home, finding something to fill my time has been interesting. Cleaning and painting downstairs is progressing one day at a time. No need to rush it, as a few hours a day is all that is needed to ensure I do not kill off the project to quickly. It is too cold to work in the gardens, but I venture out when it is in the 50’s and get some winter pruning done. The ham radio station is up and operating, but sitting around it all day is not very healthy (exercise wise) but I am having a great time when I am operating.

Work on our repeater project has been stalled due to CVD-19, but I have pretty good Internet connectivity in the cabin so perhaps I will start some online Ham Radio classes for local residents. A private (free) ZOOM session is limited to 40 minutes, but that is long enough to conduct a training session. Technician training materials are in abundance on the web, so the sessions will cover the material and answer student questions. I abhor “memorize the questions and answers” courses, as the new operators never really learn proper operating procedures or the basis for what they are learning. Guiding them to additional materials to view (YouTube videos and articles of interest) an help round out the experience. This website can host some of the materials online as well as provide direct links to other web based educational items. It would be nice to have a few more hams in the area (we have a total of four now) to chat with and perhaps inculcate the desire to operate together at an event.

Need to think about this, but I have enough time on my hands now.

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