I have a great interest in building circuits and experimenting with electronics. Over the years, I have built interfaces for my computers and radios, repaired electronic devices, and have amassed large stockpile of parts salvaged from various radios, TVs, etc. While the parts are still good, sourcing replacements is becoming difficult due to new chip technologies.

My test equipment bench is limited to some volt ohm meters, a USB oscilloscope, transistor tester, and an antenna analyzer. I cannot justify purchasing more test equipment for now, and I can always build something that will fit a basic need such as a signal generator.

Interfacing electronic projects with computers is becoming very easy with the advent of the Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, and desktop and laptop computers. As we enter into the world internet connected household items, the ability to interface with or re-purpose them is astounding. One of my projects recently completed is an ADS-B Hub that receives fight data from aircraft flying near my house and forwards it to a commercial flight service. While the components are commercial off-the-shelf items, the collinear receiving antenna was built in just a few hours from items found around the house and my electronics parts boxes.