New Rustic Headboard

We are furnishing our new apartment and have discovered that the bedroom suite that we intended to place in the bedroom will not go up the stairs easily. The second cabin bedroom dresser and bed will fit, so a new headboard was needed.

Browsing the web, I located a free rustic headboard plan and construction notes. Over the course of about four project working days, the headboard was completed and brought upstairs.The headboard is constructed from spruce, and was ripped to dimension from 1×12 boards with tight knots. Pocket screws were used to make the headboard panel. The side rails are glued and nailed, and the unit was squared before attaching to the panel.

The finish consists of two applications of stain, the first a four color mix to get a light reddish brown  and then red chestnut stain to darken and give it some depth. Two coats of water based satin poly were applied, with a finish sanding using 220 grit sandpaper. Finally, a coat of had rubbed furniture wax was applied and buffed to a soft shine.

The bedroom furniture, bed frame, box springs and mattress are in place so guests can enjoy the apartment. The total cost for the headboard was less than $100.