6 Meter Repeater

The K4PYR 6 Meter Repeater equipment will operate as W4LCA, located at the LaCrosse Virginia Water Tower (Lat. 36.69, Long. -78.09). The projected signal coverage extends from south of Richmond, VA to Raleigh, NC.

So far, the COVID 19 pandemic has slowed down participation in getting this repeater installed. It is hard to get help to finish up cleaning up and securing the building and installing the radio.  Hopefully, some progress can be made in the next few weeks.

Site Frequency: Input: 52.23 MHz Output: 53.23 MHz. Tone: 100 Hz. The repeater will be open and available to local hams, and provide excellent service for future ARES and other public service activities.

A solid-state regulated 12VDC power supply (PS), replacing the original cabinet PS, freed  up room for other future upgrades.  A half-height GE Executive MASTR II cabinet houses the repeater and controller. The cabinet locks were replaced with combination locks, eliminating the need to keep up with keys. From top to bottom are the Arcom RC-210 Repeater Controller, Rack Mount Power Strip, and the Hamtronics REP-200 6 Meter Repeater. The repeater power supply and a weather radio will be installed, along with breakout terminal strips for interfacing additional circuits (such as cabinet alarms, battery power backup, temperature sensor, etc.) as they are developed and integrated into the repeater.

The repeater components are:

Duplexer: Decibel Products model DB4030-A Duplexer tuned for 53.23 MHz. The specifications for this duplexer are:

  • Type; Band Reject
  • Frequency range: 30-54 mHz.
  • Frequency separation: 1.5 mHz or more
  • Max input power: 150 watts
  • Insertion loss TX to antenna: 1.5 dB
  • Insertion loss RX to antenna: 1.5 dB
  • TX noise suppression at RX: 55 dB
  • RX isolation at TX frequency: 55 dB
  • Max VSWR: 1.5:1 ref 50 ohm Z
  • Temp range: -30 to +60 deg C
  • Number of cavity filters: 4.

Repeater Radio: Hamtronics REP-200 matched to the duplexers. The repeater output is 25 Watts.  A TD-5 CTCSS module has been obtained (the repeater did not come with one) for installation.

Repeater Control Link: A Kenwood TR-271 will provide a 2-meter control link for the repeater. It will interface with the controller to manage the repeater radio.

Controller: An ARCOM RC210 repeater controller provides enhanced capabilities to include support for three ports, various macros and interfaces, and a robust vocabulary. A planned addition to the repeater will be the capability to broadcast weather alerts originated by the National Weather Service. An external antenna will be used to receive the NWS alerts.

Weather Radio (S.A.M.E Alerting): A Radio Shack Weather Radio can be interfaced as a future option to provide automatic alerts sent by the National Weather Service at Wakefield, VA.

Antenna: A  Cushcraft AR6 Ringo Ranger, a half-wave vertical, provides 3.75 dB (5.89 dBi) gain. The antenna will be tower mounted at approximately 555 feet AGSL and provides the coverage depicted above.

Power: A 12VDC 30A switching power supply provides the power for all components, and will reside in the cabinet bottom. A deep cycle ASM battery has been obtained for future use as backup power. which will be float charged within the system.

Update Pictures: