Other Hobbies

One thing I really enjoy is learning about new things and trying them out. This has increased my skills in various areas and as such have become a hobby for me. Some of my hobbies are more in scope and depth, while others get set aside for either lack of time, resources or a place to put them. Hobbies are a great way to spend time, create something useful, or explore more about certain aspects of the hobby itself.

Hobbies can be expensive to start or pursue, but as time goes on the ability to create using different tools is rewarding. This page is devoted to some of my past (on-hold) and current hobbies and pursuits. Hobbies are great ways to relax and keep calm – of course, until something breaks or goes wrong. A little bit of angst in life is also OK.

Completed Projects:

On Hold Projects:

  • Radio Direction Finder (1/2 completed)
  • Tiffany style stained glass lamp (1/3 completed)
  • Iris stained glass piece (started)

Current Projects:

  • Ham radio tower and antenna construction
  • Rebuilding various desktop and laptop computers for integration with Ham Radio

Future Projects:

  • Build a cedar strip canoe
  • Install shelving in new shop for tool and parts storage