Stained Glass

After my first back surgery, I was at home and bored during my recovery. I started to build a small corner cabinet one piece at a time, being careful to not re-injure my back. I wanted to place a sheet of glass in the door and found a local stained glass supplier. After talking with the instructor, I signed up for a weekly class in the evenings and started turning out some assignments. My first projects were a small sun catcher (of course) then a hanging lamp (medium piece), and finally a large piece of humming birds and flowers (185 pieces of glass). As luck would have it, while bending over my piece I re-herniated my back, requiring a second surgery to correct the ruptured disc.

Along the way, I gave pieces away and some were damaged (still waiting for repair), and the rest were packed up until I could get a designated space for this hobby. Now that my garage is completed, I have the time and space to resume my glass projects. As for the corner cabinet, it never got finished and I did not have a place for it in the house to begin with.

The entry door to the garage apartment is an open glass frame. After looking at it, I will build a stained glass insert (for the back side of the door window) to provide privacy and tie in with the entry stained glass wall sconces. The search for a plan is ongoing.