Quilt Rack

As my wife and I get older, celebrating birthdays and giving unique gifts is becoming a bit harder. This year, I was able to surprise her with a quilt rack that I built a few days before her birthday. A quick Internet search yielded many plans, and since my workshop is still in disarray I opted for a simple free plan available at Wayne of the Woods.

I selected poplar for it’s ease in working and ability to accept wood stain. The only changes I made were to route the board edges to smooth the corners and to change the top with angle cuts. The pieces are screwed together and then covered with oak buttons stained to match. Stain was a base layer of English Chestnut and then a coat of rosewood to create an older looking furniture piece. Finally, three coats of semi-gloss poly with sanding between coats created a nice finish.

My daughter and son-in-law visited for the weekend and were instrumental in bringing the quilt rack inside for my wife to see. Now I need to figure out what I am going to do for Christmas 2021.