Ham Non-Ethical Computer Hackers

I have hackers trying to enter this site on a daily basis, even though the homepage reminds them there is nothing useful for them if they break in. WordPress plugins do a good job of keeping me informed, but responding to the daily emails is both wasteful and depressing. Lately I have installed additional plugins to help resolve the issue and provide additional security.

I am amazed that a seasoned Extra class ham would want to break into the site, but it has happened twice. Now anybody trying to use ‘admin‘ or ‘k4pyr‘ as the user name is in for an immediate denial. But when the user enters their callsign, personal e-mail or an e-mail with their callsign included, I just have to respond to them with an e-mail of my own.

After pointing out the error of their ways, and providing them with a report that covers their attempt to break in, I get the lamest of excuses as their ‘mia culpa’. One told me he was trying to navigate to the QRZ.com website, while the other told me he was trying to navigate to the Hamshack Hotline website.  Perhaps if they read through my website, they would find no links to either of these sites.

So much for the professional ethics that Ham Radio Operators that try these tactics. Perhaps they should think about what the consequences might be. It is so easy to find their name, license class, home address, and who their Internet provider is (and I do not need social media to do this). The forensic tools available make this very easy. So a word to the wise – leave my site alone and put your efforts and talents elsewhere to better use. Time to go check on who wants to get their IP blocked and and posted to blacklist databases.


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