My Garage is Finished

Our building permit was issued on Jan 8, 2019, and almost seven months to the day, the builder brought our certificate of occupancy. While there are some punch list items to clear up, we now have space to park our cars, and an RV barn to use as a workshop until we get another rig. Working with the builder and the sub-contractors, we have remained onsite almost daily since the construction started. Our interactions and work over the weekend have ensured that only little issues remain.

The next effort is to move our furniture from the other house into the apartment and get the other house ready for sale. So I can now look forward to staying at the other house and driving home on weekends until it is ready for sale. At least we are closer to finally getting our NC house settled in so we can enjoy other things we need to do. Friends and family now have a nice place to stay during visits.


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