Antennas, antennas and more antennas

I spent two days at the Roanoke and Berryille, VA ham fests, which is becoming a tradition (anything done twice in a row).  While my good friend was out of town for the weekend events, I did get some nice deals on some 2 and 6 meter antennas, along with an additional broadband discone for my portable mast.

There were some very good deals on both new and used equipment at Berryville, so I came home with a TYT MD-U390 and a MMDVM hotspot.  This hotspot runs Pi-Star and is very easy to set up and operate. I did find that the puppies barks are loud and highly pitched that they keyed a VOX mode on the handheld, even though was not programmed to a function key. I did previously program VOX but removed it later, as was not needed but I wanted to check the functionality to ensure it would work if I needed it.

I apologize to all on 3100 that had to listen to the puppies when I was out of the room.


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